Friday, November 29, 2013

Searching for high-quality and affordable printing business can be a pain--that is, 
if you haven't come across New Image Printing. 

The Shirts that were being printed and ordered were very important. These shirts are a “Welcome Home” gift to The 946th TC Soldiers returning from Afghanistan. 

For this order, we already had the design crafted by one of the troops and laid out, so there wasn't much hassle as far as designing the art except sending in the images and the layout. 

The image cleanup and color adding where done by Donna Steward a great help as well. Everything looked great and all was positioned as I visualized it. Ron and Donna also provide input on the design placement to make sure the end product came out exactly as we envisioned!  

New Image knows exactly what they're doing!  I came in with a basic idea of what I wanted and they gave me excellent recommendations to output the best possible product.  Ron explained to me in detail what I would be getting and that is exactly what he delivered. I also mentioned to Ron that I wanted to be part of the crafting of these shirts, which he agreed. 

There is so much that goes into creating the images for a print and the final results. First we have to print the image on transfer paper, which then will be transferred to a screen. The machines used for this process are very large and very interesting in my view. An exposure of light coming from the large machine seen on the image is what burns the unwanted areas of the screen to create the final design.

After the darkroom process the screens are then rinsed with some formula that clears the areas that are burned off to create the final screens and design.

 Then the screens are left to air dry and later inspected for any blemishes or defects that are retouched by Ron’s Assistant Scott.


Once the screens are retouched they are ready to take their part on the crafting. The screens are then placed of an odyssey line-working table, which has rotary screen plates. Then Ron gets them ready for the adding of the colors.

The colors are applied one by one and then passed under a small dryer to make sure each color is dry before adding another. After all the colors are applied then comes the final layout of the image, which makes the design complete. Last but not least the shirts are placed on a larger dryer for the final process.

At the end of this huge oven we get the final results, which in my case are AMAZING!

New Image you are amazing!!!! You did exactly what I wanted and amazingly quick!!! You are creative, professional & awesome!!! 

Thanks to Ron Cox & his team at New Image, the 946th Transportation Unit will be looking quite spiffy in their new welcome shirts. 

Not just that Ron and New Image have donated the whole process and the shirts to these Troops! We are so grateful to have businesses such as New Image that are there for our troops. Thank you and God bless you! 

We don't have words to say how thankful we are. 

Just know that as a witness I guarantee to all your customers they will receive quality service and top print results at New Image. That’s not all, this comes with great prices and great service! 

To top that off I would love to mentioned that during the process I said "I would loved it in PINK". As we all know New Image always makes sure their customers are satisfied, so guess what? They have made me a Pink Shirt! Thank You Ron & New Image!

Thank you New Image - don't worry we'll be back!


  1. What a wonderful photo-journal account of our screen printing process. Thank you Isabel!!